University of Padova

Carla Valenti

Carla Valenti

Carla Valenti

University of Padova
Department of General Psychology
Via Venezia, 8
35131, Padova (Italy)

Research interests

I worked in a project aimed to study the nature of probabilistic reasoning. I worked at this project with Dott. Maurizio Cardaci and Max Plach Institute of Berlin, Germany.
I’m currently interested in GUI usability and analysis of human-computer interaction. I would like to extend my interests and knowledge about the role of eye movements in computer interfaces evaluation. My current work is aimed at understanding the structure of thought in people exploring graphical user interfaces. In this period I am studying the usability of desktop environments developed for the X-Window system on Unix-like platforms (particularly Gnome and KDE). I’m analyzing these environments applying usability methods, expecially cognitive walkthrough and heuristic analysis.


2006: Master course in Ergonomia at ENEA.
2005: M.Sc in Psychology (cum laude) at University of Palermo with an experimental thesis about probabilistic reasoning.
2005: Trainee at the Human Technology Lab with Dt. Luciano Gamberini.

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