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Claudio Carlesso

Claudio Carlesso

Claudio Carlesso

University of Padova
Department of General Psychology
Via Venezia, 8
35131, Padova (Italy)


2011 – Trainee at the Human Technology Lab on social behaviour in virtual envioronments.
2010 – 2nd level graduate in Work and Social Psychology, University of Padova, with a dissertation: Il comportamento prosociale in un ambiente virtuale di emergenza (Prosocial behavior during an emergency in a virtual environment).
2007 – 1st level graduate in Work and Social Psychology, University of Padova, with a dissertation about collaborative virtual environment and deception: “Compiti collaborativi in un ambiente virtuale condiviso: studio sull’inganno”.
2002 – Technical designer, assigned to itemization and working processes cycles at the “Dihr S.p.A. (Warewashing specialists)”.
2000. General technical classes at the ConfArtigianato in Treviso.
1999 – Course of formation at the ConfArtigianato in Treviso.
1998 – Technical designer, responsible for warehouse and purchases at the “Off. Meccaniche G. Michieletto & figli S.n.c.” (Producer of semitowings) in Castelfranco V.
1998 – High school diploma at the Industrial Technical Institute (I.T.I.S.) E. Barsanti in Castelfranco Veneto (Italy).

Laboratory Role

Postgraduate Scholar

Research Areas

Since October 2005 I have been involved in my professional training at the HTlab of the University of Padova. My training focuses on collaborative and competitive work analysis within a shared virtual environment. My interest concerns Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW).

Carlesso Research

Advanced courses

– Advanced courses, tutorials during first and second-level studies:
– HTML (research course – dr. Purgato)
– Virtools Dev 3, 3DSMax 5 (research course – dr. Grassi)
– Videoanalysis of Communication and Mediated Interaction (tutorial – prof. Spagnolli)
– Social Network Analysis (research course – dr. Baù)

Programming Skill

– Certification (2004): ECDL.
– Programs: AS 400, Autocad 2000, Autocad 14 Genius, Workeeper, Adobe Illustrator 10, Smarteam.


2007. CHItaly’07, Padova, 28/30 June.

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