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Fabiola Scarpetta

Fabiola Scarpetta

Fabiola Scarpetta

University of Padova
Department of General Psychology
Via Venezia, 8
35131, Padova (Italy)
Skype account: fabiola.scarpetta

Extended CV

Research interests

Ethnographic methodologies and conversational analysis: Linguistic anthropology, Nonverbal communication, Social Communication and New Technologies, CSCW, Spatial Reference, Human Computer Interaction.


European Project on Psychologically Augmented Social Interaction Over Network (coordinated by prof. Gamberini L. and Spagnolli A.).
Personal project on African-American Stand-up Comedy (tutored by Spagnolli, A.); 2005-2006 University of California, Los Angeles.


2007-Present. PhD Student in Cognitive Science, Department of Development and Socialization Psychology, University of Padova (I). Topic of the Ph.D: “Cognitive Ergonomics and social networks”, funded by PASION, European Project. Supervisor: Prof. Gamberini Luciano.
2006. 2nd level graduate in Work, Communication and Social Psychology, University of Padova (I).
Thesis: “Humour and social positioning in African-american stamd-up comedy”. Educational Abroad Program Student of Social Psychology at UCLA (USA, 2006).
2004. 1st level graduate in Work and Social Psychology, University of Padova (I). Dissertation: ‘The advantages of irony in problematic situations’.

Skills and experience

– Tutor of the Qualitative Methodology class in the Nettuno Program, 2006/2007
– Editorial Assistant of PsychNology Journal (

Publications (Peer reviewed journals)

Spagnolli A., Gamberini L., Scarpetta F., Colognesi S. (2004) ‘Ironia e ristrutturazione del participant framework: il caso degli ambienti virtuali’ in Rivista di Psicolinguistica Applicata Special issue edited by Fasulo A. and Galatolo.

Gamberini L., Martino F., Scarpetta F., Spoto A., and Spagnolli A. (2007). Unveiling the Structure: Effects of Social Feedback on Communication Activity in Online Multiplayer Videogames. In D. Schuler (Ed.), Online Communities and Social Computing (pp. 334-341). Heidelberg: Springer.

Scarpetta, F. (2008). Practices to Display Social Presence: A Study in a Shared Mediated Environment. PsychNology Journal, 6(1).

Spagnolli, A., Scarpetta, F.(submitted at Journal of Research on Language and Social Interaction- ROLSI-). Interactionally Safe Humour: Practices to Create Supportive Social Context in Stand-up Comedy.


– “PASION: The Role of Reciprocation in Constructing Social Presence”, First Peach Summer School on Presence Technologies and Foundations, July 3-5, 2007, Santorini, Greece.

– ‘Presence and irony’: managing difficulties experienced in a CVE, HTLab Day , Cognitive Science and Technology 2006, May 26 2006, Padova.

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