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Francesco Ferrari

Francesco Ferrari

Francesco Ferrari

University of Padova
Department of General Psychology
Via Venezia, 8
35131, Padova (Italy)


2011 – (Present): Internship at HTLab.
2011 – Master degree in Social, Communication and Work Psychology. Dissertation: “Forming and Changing Impressions About People: the Role of Political Ideology and Threat”, supervised by Professor Luigi Castelli.
2010 – Nine months Erasmus Programme at Salamanca, Spain.
2008 – Bachelor Degree in Psychology of Personality and Interpersonal Relationships. Dissertation: “The Construction of Conversational Configuration ‘Drugs Consumer’; an Empirical Research Within Different Age Groups”, supervised by Prof. Gian Piero Turchi.
2010 – Teaching in Advances Research Courses about Content Management Systems (CMS)

Laboratory Role

Postgraduate student

Research Areas

– Social Network Analisys

– Eye tracking

– Technologies for support communication by gaze control

– Human-Robot Interaction

Current Research

My research focus on the theme of proxemics within Human Robot Interaction. In collaboration with Professor Emanuele Menegatti, PhD student Matteo Munari from IASLab, and with the supervision of Professor Luciano Gamberini, we developed a study focusing on the distance between an individual and a follower robot created to help people in transporting heavy objects.
The study of distance can help the HRI reserachers to understand impicit signals within the interaction and to improve the development of robots projected to assist people in their everyday activity.

Ferrari Research


Ferrari, F. (2011). Forming and Changing Impressions About People: the Role of Political Ideology and Threat. Master Thesis, University of Padua, Department of General Psychology, Italy.

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