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Giacinto Barresi

Giacinto Barresi

Giacinto Barresi

University of Padova
Department of General Psychology
Via Venezia, 8
35131, Padova (Italy)
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Skype account: giacinto.barresi
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Research interests

Brain & Mind across Virtuality, through Adaptive Augmented Reality in Neurocognitive HCI, Pervasive Technology, Persistent Worlds, Social Networks, Mashup, Cultural Convergence. Game Design and Web Design to study Attention, Theory of Mind, Decision Making, Presence.


Nintendo Wiimote-based Game Design and Programming of Mixed Reality Games for Neurocognitive Assessment, Training and Rehabilitation.
Involvement in ElderGames EU-supported project to to develop mixed reality games to improve the cognitive, functional and social skills of older users.


2008. 2nd level student in Cognitive-Behavioural Neurosciences, University of Padova (I).
Cognitive Neuroscience and Ergonomics, Laboratory and Field Training in Interaction Design and Evaluation. Thesis about Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Augmented Games, as member of HTLab, performing Game Design and Programming with Web Design and Programming.
2005. 1st level graduate in Cognitive Psychobiological Sciences, University of Padova (I).
Behaviour and Brain, Laboratory Training in Comparative Psychology. Dissertation about Avian Models of Pseudoneglect, working with Comparative Psychology Research Group and, as summer student, with Biopsychology Dep. of Ruhr-Università Bochum (D).

Skills and experience

– Game Design and Programming, Web Design and Programming, Graphics, Software Training in HTLab (since May 2006) and PSF (since March 2008).
– Tutorials attended about Scientific Data Packages: Ucinet (social network analysis), T-Lab (text analysis), Brainvision Recorder and Analyzer (event-related potentials), Tobii ClearView (eye-tracking).


Gamberini L., Alcaniz M., Barresi G., Fabregat M., Prontu L., & Seraglia B. (2008). Playing for a Real Bonus: Videogames to Empower Elderly People. Journal of CyberTherapy & Rehabilitation, 1(1), 37-48.

Gamberini L., Alcaniz M., Barresi G., Fabregat M., Ibanez F., & Prontu L. (2006). Cognition, technology and games for the elderly: An introduction to ELDERGAMES Project. PsychNology Journal, 4(3), 285-308. (PDF file)

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