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Marta Elizabeth Cecchinato

Marta Cecchinato

Marta Elizabeth Cecchinato

University of Helsinki
Department of computer science
Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b
FI-00014 Helsinki (Finland)


2012 – planning to write my master’s thesis at HTLab under the supervision of Professor L. Gamberini.
2011 – (Present): Visiting assistant researcher in the Interactive Systems group, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki (Finland) and at HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology), during the Erasmus Mundus exchange programme. Supervisors: Professor G. Jacucci in Helsinki, Professor L. Gamberini in Padova.
2010 – (Present): MSc student in Social, Business and Communication Psychology, Department of General Psychology, University of Padua (Italy).
2006-2010 – BS degree in Psychology Sciences of Personality and Interpersonal Relationships, Faculty of Psychology, University of Padua (Italy). Graduated with a thesis entitled “The Challenge of Medical Humanities to Improve Healthcare Relationships: an Empirical Research”, supervised by Professor L. Dal Corso.
2001-2006 – Linguistic Diploma at Scientific High School “G. Fracastoro”, Verona (Italy).

Laboratory Role

Master Student

Research Areas

– Human Computer Interaction
– User experience
– Interactive systems and usability evaluation
– Psychophysics and communication
– Haptics

Current Research

The sense of touch (haptics) plays a very important role in interpersonal communication, giving others non-verbal cues. In the past year I have been concentrating my research on investigating different kinds of tactile feedback and learning how these can be used to expand our communication possibilities in Human-Computer Interaction field. For my MSc thesis I will research these topics, developing them in a very intricate study on how brain activity is elicited by vibro-tactile feedback. To do this, I will use the Ultimatum Game as a base ground for interactions between participants, while measuring their EEG signals. This project is being carried out together with the University of Helsinki and HTLab.

Cecchinato Research


Wijekoon, D., Cecchinato, M. E., Hoggan, E., & Linjama, J. (in press) Electrostatic Modulated Friction as Tactile Feedback: Intensity Perception. Eurohaptics 2012, June 12-15, Tampere, Finland.

Cecchinato, M. (2010). The Challenge of Medial Humanities to Improve Heathcare Relationships: an Empirical Research. Bachelor Thesis, University of Padua, Department of General Psychology, Italy.

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