University of Padova

Massimo Milani

Massimo Milani

Massimo Milani

University of Padova
Department of General Psychology
Via Venezia, 8
35131, Padova (Italy)

Research interests

My interest are Persuasive Technology and Serious Games, in particular in the development of new tools or software related on the drug abuse prevention and harm reduction.


A 3D Virtual environment developed to increase knowledge about risks associate to drug consumption on the human organism (see more).


2008. 2nd level student in Social, Work and Communication Psychology, University of Padova (I).
2005. 1st level graduate in Social and Work Psychology, University of Padova (I).

Skills and experience

– Training, Photography and Videomaking in HTLab (since 2006) and PSF (since 2007).
– Tutorials attended about Software Packages: Noldus (video analysis), Virtools (creation of interactive virtual environment), Premiere (video modification).

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