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Nicola Corradi

Nicola Corradi

Nicola Corradi

University of Padova
Department of General Psychology
Via Venezia, 8
35131, Padova (Italy)

Research interests

How we Learn to Read: study the acquirement of reading abilities form a cognitive and psychobiological point of view aimed to understand and predict Developmental Dyslexia syndrome onset.
Save Energy with Awareness: boost awareness to prevent energy waste, using behavioural, social and cognitive psychology.


– BeAware
Boosting energy awareness with adaptive real-time environments, IP European Funded Project, coordinated by Giulio Jacucci – Helsinki University of Technology (2008-present)


2009. Present. PhD Student in Cognitive Sciences, DPSS Psychology Department , University of Padova, Supervisor: Prof. Gamberini Luciano
2008. Master Degree in Clinical Psychology, University of Padova (I), Thesis: “Attention and Crowding in Developmental Dyslexia: A study about their relationship “

Skills and experience

2008. TMS training with dr. Demis Basso CAR University Training: how to design and conduct a TMS based research project
2007. EU LP Progam. Training period in HR management, with a focus on personnel recruiting, Paramount HR, Dublin
2005-2006. Erasmus Project (11 month), Granada, Spain


– Corradi N., Ruffino M., & Facoetti A. (2007). Relazione tra attenzione spaziale e attenzione temporale: Possibili implicazioni per la dislessia evolutiva. Congresso Annuale AIP – Sezione Sperimentale, Como 2007

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