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STOP Mobbing On-Line

Another interesting project consider the way to use Internet technologies as tools to fight agains new form of deaseses on work and life, promoting sinergy between existing realities, communication and virtual info-point in which be made possible reach useful information, contact expert, riceive a consulence or participete to on-line psychological consuelling session. For more information:
Visit the original web site STOP MOBBING PROJECT [[[[[ ONLY ITALIAN]]]]]]

This work was conducted by Duccio Bonechi with the support of stop mobbing center, Venice, Italy. It consist in a web environment to support a “stop-mobbing” service. After a six month of field observation on the organization and an analisys of the frequencies of users transit Bonechi develop a web site and an e-mail service to support the original center. The work of Bonechi was completed with a log analisy of user beahviour that show the way in which users access to information. People use principally the web resurces to take information on legal aspect, effect and defensive strategy to adopt during the mobbing condition. In the next figure the most visited pages in the site.

Graph showing user beahviour during the visit of the web sites

In the picture the user beahviour during the visit of the web sites. Analising visited web page we can understand wich informetion are needed by this group of people.

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