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The Laboratory is developing tools to support traditional and distance learning giving a particular emphasis on a user-centred perspective; the functions should reflect the structure of the users’ activities and not force them into unintelligible architectures.


Weblearn: artifact enanching learning and cooperation in Universities and Enterprises

Weblearn screenshot

Weblearn is an experimental complete system for blend e-learning. At his develope participate Normani Stefano, Dorian Soru, Guido Vaccari and Luciano Gamberini. It’s offer the rare possibilities to be set up on the specific requirment of the organization where it will be implemented, integrating new parts, permitting an open developments of new plug-in, blending different form of education, training, use of periferical artifact and resource.
Today, Weblearn is used in many universitaries courses, enterprise, projects. Better than any word we would like to show you this tools in a recent beta version. Please, click here, and try Weblearn without download any softwares.
Weblearn is today combined with the Livelearn and a webvision tools, who permit to the users to receive videoconference, chatting, making question on-line, vote and give social feedback to the speaker. Also a beta version of this tools is avaible directly on the net.

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