This Living Lab pioneers ergonomic innovation, offering a cutting-edge solution for assembly operators, particularly senior workers aged 50 and beyond. Within this visionary research hub, an adaptable assembly workstation, featuring a collaborative robot, caters to operators with or without disabilities. This fosters an environment where satisfaction, well-being, and productivity flourish. Imagine a workstation that adjusts its height to accommodate varying physical needs, tailored lighting for those with low vision, and an intuitive RGB system or interactive screen guiding assembly tasks for a fulfilling experience. The collaborative robot acts as a trusted co-worker, enhancing safety, efficiency, collaboration, and performance. The Living Lab invites entrepreneurs to explore the technology’s potential through our “Test Before Invest” program, offering firsthand insight into how it enhances workforce performance and well-being. This approach can boost technology acceptance in the workplace. Additionally, skill and training services are available for entrepreneurs and employees of all ages, ensuring everyone thrives in the future workplace.

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