Founded By: University of Padova

Dates: 1 Oct. 2021          End date: 2022

Grant: Pro bono

Partners: University of Padova, Human Inspired Technology (HIT) Research Centre (University of Padova)

HTLab Involved People: Luciano Gamberini, Gabriella Francesca Amalia Pernice, Valeria Orso

The project aims to leverage on telepresence robots to foster a more inclusive environment at the University of Padova. By operting a telepresence robot, the user can connect remotely with her/his class not only through a video-call system, but also by directly moving the robot in the environment, thereby enabling a stronger sense of telepresence. The telepresence robot deployed in this project, namely Ohmi Robot, meets high security standards, as it features multiple cameras to enable the user to “see” both the surroundings and the wheels of the robot, and a lidar to prevent accidentals collisions. As such telepresence robots also increase the opportunities for the user to interact with their classmates, as s/he can directly approach them.

These devices provide the invaluable opportunity to build a socially inclusive learning environment for individuals who cannot reach the University premises, by giving them the chance not only to attend the class, but also to chat with their peers.
Furthermore, at the University of Padova telepresence robots have been also employed to extend the possibility of visiting Palazzo Bo to individuals with challenged mobility. The research unit of the HTLab has explored several aspects of the experience, such as technology acceptance, accesibility and inclusiveness by directly involving users with in-depth interviews.


Gamberini, L., Pernice, G.F.A., Orso, V., & Mapelli, D. (2022). TELEINCLUSIVE LEARNING: AN EXPLORATORY STUDY ON STUDENTS’ EXPECTATIONS OF USING TELEPRESENCE ROBOT FOR ATTENDING CLASSES. In Proceedings of the International Conferences Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 2022 and Game and Entertainment Technologies 2022. Lisbon (Portugal)

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