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CO-ADAPT Project

CO-ADAPT aims therefore to provide a comprehensive support to aging individual level, by offering concrete tools and strategies to age healthy.

With the increase of the average age, the length of working life is increasing as well. This trend is likely to make it difficult for aging citizens to keep up a satisfactory and healthy life-style both in their workplace and in their private lives. Indeed, starting from the 30ies an decline in several skills is observed, including physical abilities (e.g., strength, dexterity), perceptual abilities (e.g., visual acuity, hearing), and cognitive skills (e.g., learning, processing speed). In addition, the massive and continual digitalization of the working instruments requires aging workers to constantly update in order to keep up with technological advances. Such changes involve not only professional, but also private life. The CO-ADAPT project aims at supporting ageing individual in maintain a successful professional activity and a satisfactory private life.
To this end the CO-ADAPT project will operate in three working environments with tailored interventions. A first setting entails an assembly workstation equipped with a collaborative robot capable of adapting the physical (e.g., height), perceptual (e.g. vision impairment), and transient features (e.g. mental fatigue, cognitive load, stress) of ageing workers. Secondly, a personalized conversational agent will accompany knowledge workers with an approach based on behavioral change strategies attempting to increase well-being in both working and personal life. Finally, a tool for the interactive smart shift scheduling, will be implemented for promoting suitable working time practices to improve overall well-being.

Project Start Date: 1 December 2018
Project End Date: 31 May 2022
Funded under: H2020-EU. – H2020-EU.
Project Duration: 3.5 years
Project Coordinator: Prof. Giulio Jacucci (University of Helsinki)
Project Scientific Supervisor: Prof. Luciano Gamberini
Contact e-mail: luciano.gamberini[at]
Project number: //
Overall budget: € 3.993.616,25
EU contribution € 3.993.616,25
Partners: University of Padova, University of Helsinki, Aalto University, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), Electrolux, Innovation Sprint (iSprint), Idego, BNP, Ehealth
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