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The Democracy cities and Drugs Project II (DC&D II) started in May 1st (2008-2010). The project is based on the results that emerged from the first DC&D I project (2005-2007). This project had the main goal of helping EU cities in developing local and partnership based drug policies and practices involving the relevant stakeholders.

One of the objectives of DC&D I was to produce an area of discussion for the major stakeholders. From this discussion five important thematic areas emerged becoming the foundations for the second DC&D project:

1. policies addressing the specific needs of women with drug misuse;
2. activities for health promotion in nightlife settings;
3. integrated responses related to wandering young drugs users;
4. outreach activities as regards drugs use and sexual infectious diseases;
5. local policies improving access to treatment.

The thematic areas cited above can be considered as exchange platforms of knowledge for who is interested in this project. These platforms produced seminars (for sharing knowledge and expertise), training sessions, refinement meetings and joint guidelines for: local authorities, health services, criminal justice services, communities, including visible minority ones and drug services users.

Democracy cities and Drugs Project II Demoracy cities and Drugs Project II

According to these points, Dc&DII will promote a coordinated, participative, targeted approach towards drug-related problems for the European community and its citizens.

The DC&D II project is based on three pillars: One EU wide experimental network of more than 16 partner cities; four national networks (France, Italy, Portugal, Romania) involving 56 cities; five thematic working groups based on the findings of the first DC&D project.

The five EU thematic exchange platforms are open to the EU experimental network of cities and the network of nations involved and will be organised to support the development of integrated drug policies among the partner cities and countries.

Prof. L. Gamberini (center) during a DC&DII meeting DC&DII meeting

In order to achieve its aims, DC&D II is organised into nine work-packages, reported below together with the task they need to accomplish or the themes they are analysing:

WP1. Cordination of the project
WP2. Dissemination of the results
WP3. Evaluation of the project
WP4. To develop an experimental EU network of partner Cities and Countries
WP5. Drug use and women specificities
WP6. Safer night life
WP7. Young wanderers and drugs
WP8. Health education on drug use for professionals
WP9. Treatment challenger

The role of the HTLab consists in the development of an instrument able to increase the communication and the sharing in the network and to involve and attract new potential partners.

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