Founded By: European Union – FP6-IST-20052.5.11

Start date: 1 Sep. 2006          End date: 28 Feb. 2009

Grant: € 1.791.709

Partners: The Toy Research Institute – AIJU, MedicLab – Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Cluster Association of Telecommunication – GAIA, Generalitat Valenciana, Human Technology Lab (HTlab, University of Padova), Kent County Council, Lappset Group LTD., Trondheim Kommune, Infowerk Software – Entwicklungs GMBH

HTLab Involved People: Luciano Gamberini, Anna Spagnolli

The Eldergames Project (Development of high therapeutic value IST-based games for monitoring and improving the quality of life of Elderly People) originates from the consideration that aging involves many natural changes for old people, from a physical, cognitive and social point of view. To address negative consequences derived from aging, in recent years ICT has developed several forms of intervention, tools and applications specifically designed for this target. In addition, it has been demonstrated that leisure activities contribute to ameliorate quality of life, engaging senior citizens in a rehabilitative and preventive activities.

The Project’s main aim is to design an interactive tabletop platform able to integrate potentialities derived from both technology and leisure activities.

Another purpose of the Eldergames project is the monitoring of the elderly status, with information about his/her progression/regression in cognitive health. Data gathered during game sessions can be available to experts and gerontologists responsible for these activities, enabling them to assign tasks and trainings according to individual exigencies. Games on the Eldergames platform can be played both face-to-face and online; a cross-cultural communication system will allow players from different European Countries to easily communicate each other.


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