Discover a groundbreaking initiative at the heart of Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso), where digital technology and innovation transform lives. Our Living Lab is more than just a smart home, it is a place of accessibility, inclusiveness, and empowerment for individuals with disabilities and older adults, as well as their caregivers. This Living Lab envisages the future of independent living. Here, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cutting-edge digital services converge to create an environment where everyday tasks become opportunities for autonomy and independence. Our mission is simple yet profound: to make private and working life more accessible and inclusive through the power of smart technologies. “Weekends of Autonomy” were scheduled in the last years, where people can experience firsthand the transformative potential of these innovations. Immerse themselves in a world where barriers are dismantled, and daily activities are made easier. Besides, the smart apartment is not just a place for exploration. Indeed, it is a resource for individuals, companies, and caregivers alike. We offer services like “Test Before Invest,” allowing businesses to assess the viability of these new technologies, and “Skills and Training,” empowering professionals and non-professionals to deliver the highest level of care.

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