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Human Predictive System for adaptive MANufacturing processes

In recent years the world of industrial and manufacturing is going through profound developments. This is due to the rising availability and sophistication and affordability of computational electronics, sensors and internet applications. Industry 4.0 is supposed to use the accumulated potentialities from digital innovations to optimize the workflow, increase security, multiply customizations possibilities, lower the costs, boost the productivity of the individual worker by adjusting to their peculiarities and solving their health-related impediments
The technologies that are driving this revolution are the collaborative robots, also called “Cobot”; these are sophisticated robots able to perform tasks in direct and physical collaboration with the human beings, guaranteeing their safety thanks to a network of sensors of various types (i.e. pressure, movement and proximity).
During the collaboration with BNP s.r.l. workers are supposed to interact with collaborative robots to perform industrial labor.
The goals of the project include:
• To evaluate cognitive load, stress and physical and mental fatigue in industry 4 .0. The worker’s well-being and user experience will also be investigated.
• To assess the role that personal and social variables have on the acceptance of technologies in industry 4.0.
• To investigate which are the most reliable indices to research in an industry, as environmental conditions change.
The project is structured to explore the working environment and to analyze the work process before and after the insertion of the collaborative robot during the workflow.
Qualitative and quantitative research methods will be used, with the employment of biometric detection tools; through the measurement of cognitive load we propose to implement a prototype of a Human Cyber-Physical System that adapts to the needs and condition of the operator.

Projext status: Ongoing
Sponsor: BNP s.r.l. (
Project Start date: 2018
Project Coordinator: Prof. Luciano Gamberini
Working Group: Patrik Pluchino, Roberto Barattini

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