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Human factor and work 4.0

Objectives and Target

The “Human factor and Work 4.0” lab is was created to put the skills of psychology and ergonomics at the service of the world of work. By evaluating the human element and the production process-worker interplay, this lab aims to upgrade production cycles, design new workstations and enhance the employees’ experience.

Research Field

The industrial and manufacturing workplaces are going through a significant innovation and revolution process. While it’s already happening in many factories, it’s crucial to deeply investigate the interaction between the human operator and those new technologies.
Evaluation and research directly on workplace can lead to both an improvement in work-process and the establishment of guidelines for future design.

Setting and Equipment

The lab is equipped with a variety of cameras to monitor the work progress in complex and various settings, combined to physiological measurements of cognitive workload, attention and other indexes of worker’s experience. Even if the lab’s projects are deeply intertwined with actual enterprises’ practices investigation, 4.0 workstation have also been recreated within its spaces, including even adaptive robotics.

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