In this laboratory, the cognitive and psychological effects of virtual reality in the cinematic context are explored exploiting the 360° Insta360 Titan camera and cutting-edge immersive virtual reality headsets (e.g., Oculus Quest 2).
The Insta360 Titan camera consists of eight different lenses, allowing for filming entire scenes in 360° at a maximum resolution of 11K. Utilizing this camera enables the addition of the sensory experience offered by immersive virtual reality to the current cinematic reality, making the viewers as active participants and protagonists within the scene they are watching.
The primary research areas in this laboratory focus on the study of enjoyment, preference, and liking, motion sickness, cognitive processes of visuospatial orientation, and the enhancement of the sense of immersion through the simulated experience.
By delving into the cognitive processes involved in immersion and developing virtual reality technologies, this research enriches the field of cinematography and the entertainment industry. The exploration of the psychological and cognitive effects of virtual reality in cinematic contexts paves the way for exciting advancements and immersive experiences in filmmaking and entertainment.

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