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Alessandro Chalambalakis

Alessandro Chalambalakis

Alessandro Chalambalakis

University of Padova
Department of General Psychology
Via Venezia, 8
35131, Padova (Italy)

Extended CV

Research interests

– Interaction Design and Evaluation.

Ergonomics and Usability studies.

– Captology and persuasion in Environmental Communication Technologies.
The importance of language in persuasive technologies.
– Serious Game (or persuasive games).
Computer and video games used as persuasive technology or educational technology.
– Textual analysis with software.
The study of recorded human communications, such as papers, interviews, books, chat, web sites, laws, etc.


– Environmental Communication Technologies.
Textual Analysis of persuasive tools for Environmental Communication and Edutainment (see the abstract…).
– Honda
Honda Riding Trainer
Psychological Evaluation Involvement in user interface events analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of the HRT tool in the improvement of the driving performance and the hazard perception in motorbikers.


2006. First Level degree – “Ambiente, Tecnologie, Persuasione. Come le macchine ci persuadono ad avere cura dell’ambiente in cui viviamo.”
1999. High school diploma at the Scientific High School “S. Francesco”, Rapallo (GE) Italy.

Software skills

Office Packages: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Statistics Packages: SPSS
Textual Data Analysis Packages: Atlas.ti, Spad.t, T-Lab
Graphics and Video: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere
Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows NT, Windows XP, Mac OSX Tiger, Mac OSX Leopard


– ‘Introduzione all’analisi del contenuto mediata da software in HCI: Tutorial held at CHItaly ’07, 28 June 2007, Padova, Italy.

– ‘Text Analysis’: two lectures held at 2006/2007 New Communication Environments and Ergonomics courses – Faculty of Psychology, University of Padova.

– “E-Generation and the Global Challenges”, event in collaboration with Regione Emilia Romagna, Psicologi Senza Frontiere, KnowLab, Link, Led; Bologna, 23 February 2007: contribute to SERIOUS GAMES (interactive projections and installations environmental interactive tools)


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– Chalambalakis, A., Jacucci, G., Liikanen, L., Morrsion, A, Tonglet, D., Roveda, S. (2008). Investigating Emotions in VisitorsExperiencesof an InteractiveArt Production. NordiCHI 08, Lund, Sweden.

– Chalambalakis, A., Oulasvirta, A. (2008). “Target Acquisition with Camera Phones when used as Magic Lenses”. Poster presentation at HIIT (Finland) Network Society.

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– Chalambalakis, A., Gamberini, L. (2007). “Can empowering and persuasive technologies support environmental sustainability”. Paper presented at ITE 2007 Conference, November 26-29, Bangkok, Thailand.

– Chalambalakis, A. (2006). “Textual analysis in persuasive environmental interactive systems”. Poster presented at HTLab Day, Cognitive Science and Technology 2006, May 26, Padova, Italy.

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