The Ux Evaluation and User Studies laboratory evaluates several aspects of user experience, including usability, accessibility, acceptance, engagement, and overall experience quality. In the research conducted in this laboratory, various methods are employed, such as questionnaires, expert checklists, cognitive walkthroughs, task analysis, and naturalistic observation. These methods are integrated to form a mixed methodological approach that adapts to the specific case under investigation.
The laboratory is equipped with an Audio/Video monitoring system, consisting of PTZ (Pan- Tilt-Zoom) VHD cameras from Value HD Corporation and omnidirectional ceiling microphones (SENNHEISER MEB-102W). The entire system is controlled from a dedicated control room using a VHD controller and a PC running VMIX HD edition software. Additionally, the laboratory has multiple cameras that enable video recording of user interactions in the field (GoPro HERO 9) and video file editing (Final Cut X).
Furthermore, advanced software tools are available for the systematic and structured analysis of explicit user behaviors, such as The Observer XT from Noldus Information Technology©. These resources ensure comprehensive and detailed assessments of user experiences and interactions with various technologies and products.

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