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VisualMusic aims to develop a high performance and cost effective real-time 3D motion graphics studio for small and medium-sized music enterprises. This technology looks at enhancing the experience of the audience at concert venues and music sessions synchronizing the music with 3D motion graphics as well as DJ’s/VJ’s input gestures. The solution introduced by VisualMusic will not require dedicated expertise on graphical software and an online store will be provided in order to access to a wide pool of animations. In today’s entertainment sector, the ability to provide compelling visual animation presentations during musical events in clubs, concert halls and other such venues, is restricted to large scale events promoters, artists, and mega-clubs.
The main reason for this is that such visual animation presentations must be designed in advance for a particular event and specifically tailored for the music to be played. Moreover, designing, developing and finally rendering such visual presentations is costly both in terms of time and budget. Such projects require the user to contract expensive video artists to create bespoke animation content and, during the live entertainment event, there is also a need to have an expert operator triggering the content as the music is playing. Such barriers to entry restrict the development and proliferation of real-time 3D Motion Graphics technology amongst creative SMEs in this sector of the mass entertainment market. The aim of project VISUALmusic is to remove existing barriers to entry and extend the use of this technology by developing a more affordable, Real Time 3D Motion Graphics Studio.
HIT Research Centre will be involved in:– User consultation
– Identification of functionality requirements of VisualMusic
– Identification and monitoring of user needs and interest
– VisualMusic testing and validation
Project Start Date: 1st November 2016
Project Duration: 2 years
Project Coordinator:  Javier Motesa (Braistorm Multimedia S.L., ES)
Project number:  731986
Call (part) identifier: ICT-21-2016
Total Project Funding: 998.262,00 (1.259.375,00) €
Partners:  Brainstorm Multimedia S.L., Univesitat Politecnica de Valencia, Università degli Studi di Padova, Square Rivoli Publishing, Oliver Huntemann, Club Entertainment, Associazione Link Associated
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