This laboratory provides the opportunity to explore vast amounts of data (i.e., Big Data) in a completely innovative, adaptive, and symbiotic manner, thanks to the XIM system (i.e., eXperience Induction Machine). So far, experiments related to the exploration of complex neuroscience databases have been conducted. A structure (i.e., Cave) consisting of three panels, where projectors display 2D and 3D visual stimuli, is present within the laboratory, allowing interaction in a Mixed Virtual Reality context with virtual objects reproduced on the panels (e.g., textual information from a neuroanatomical atlas, 3D magnetic resonance images, and a 3D model of the brain, known as Connectome). Individuals can interact with the data and models projected on the screens using hand gestures and their bodies, facilitated by a tool (Microsoft Kinect©) that captures movements.
Among other devices used to monitor some biometric parameters of participants during experimental sessions, there is an eye tracker, two smart T-Shirts for monitoring cardiac and respiratory activity (i.e., Smartex), and a glove for electrodermal activity. The fully integrated XIM system is capable of automatically modifying the information presented on the screens (e.g., reducing its amount) when it detects difficult conditions experienced by the participants (i.e., mental overload), thanks to the biometric data collection devices worn by the participants.

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